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Sometimes you get super lucky with a client. I am so happy that I got connected to do brand and content strategy for Megan Swartz Gellert, founder of Slice PR and Events. She’s such a gem and it was wonderful to help her in this phase of her career. First, I dove into the foundation […]

Slice PR Brand and Content Strategy

Jackson Street Apartments

Jackson Street Apartments are new boutique apartments in Seattle’s bustling Central District. Our team at Blanton Turner was tapped with coming up with the name, brand identity, and marketing collateral to get it ready for leasing.  During the 1920’s, Jackson Street was a hub for jazz in the Pacific Northwest. As we learned more about […]

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

As CreativeLive grew as a company and product offering, we knew we needed to up our brand game and reflect the energy of the creator’s we represented. This meant brand repositioning. I worked to bring the process to life by having interactive sessions with leadership and developing an authentic photography and copy approach that would […]

CreativeLive Brand

Light Up the Night Campaign Video

This video represents a turning point in CreativeLive’s brand where we started to tap into the joy of the creative journey for one of our holiday campaigns.  My intention with the concept was to feature spontaneous energy and creative freedom. It was inspired by a friend and former co-worker who had recently taken to light […]

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction

As part of a new campaign series about CreativeLive’s community, we developed a short film centered around its founder and CEO photographer, Chase Jarvis. From a brand perspective it was my goal to help students connect with the authenticity of CreativeLive’s roots through the founder’s journey. As a creator himself, it was great to be […]

Real Creative Lives

World’s Best Creators Video

There are so many factors that go into creating strong e-learning content, finding the right instructor is paramount. This short video highlighted the talented pool of thought-leaders and instructors we brought in to the CreativeLive family to share their knowledge and insights with aspiring creators across the globe. The teachers and speakers ranged across a […]

Branding, Content Development

Branding, Content Development

“Everybody starts somewhere” was concepted while I was at CreativeLive. It was imagined as a localized brand campaign for out of home and print and evolved to a digital campaign across site and social. It provided students with an inspirational point of departure to take a creative leap just as their mentors and creative heroes […]

Everybody Starts Somewhere Campaign

CreativeLive Brand Launch

This video was created for the launch of the new CreativeLive brand expression. Centered around the idea that there’s a creator in all of us, this piece showcases elements of the creative process in an effort to point to their universality. Roles: Brand Strategy, Content Producer, Copywriter

Branding, Content Development

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

CreativeLive launched both an iOS and tvOS app to make learning more accessible for their students. I partnered with the marketing and product teams to develop positioning, messaging, and our brand video to bring the pieces to life. The app’s flexibility allows for pausing and starting on all your devices anywhere so we featured it […]

CreativeLive App Launch Video

CreativeLive Partnerships Video

This video was created as a tool for the partnership team to highlight CreativeLive’s connection to innovative and groundbreaking brands. In a quickly changing e-learning space, brand partnerships were a key component to elevating the immersive experience. From GoPro to Red Bull our team tested and pushed the boundaries of live education. ______ Roles: Content […]

Content Development


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