My sister Michelle is such an inspiration. She’s an incredible cellist, teacher, mom, wife, sister, and friend. She does it all while being kind, professional, and empathetic to all around her. I am so proud of her, and I am thrilled she let me capture these portraits for her so she can build out […]

Michelle Portraits – Seattle

Isabelle Portraits – San Francisco

Try and remember back to when you were a senior in high school. What did you think you were going to be? Where did you take your senior photos? All I can say is that I didn’t have it nearly as figured out as Isabelle and thank goodness for both of us her mom was […]



I had my first “double-header” over the Thanksgiving holidays with the Garrett and Fulton families. I was initially contacted for a family session, and then Cynthia connected for portraits, so we did them back to back. It’s always a treat getting to meet new people and learn their stories and interests and this shoot was […]

Cynthia Portraits – Seattle

Tricia Portraits – Seattle

I had a super fun photo session with the vibrant and funny Tricia a couple of weeks back. We were super lucky to get a break from the heat and the smoke from the fires plaguing the area last month. We picked Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood to provide the backdrop. It was a perfect […]



It’s alway such a blast to photograph creatives as they embark on new adventures and next steps with their businesses. Alexandra is taking her design skills forward with Alexandra Studios. I couldn’t have been happier to capture a series of images of her working at her home office in Seattle complete with the best assistants […]

Alexandra Portraits – Seattle

Catherine Portraits – Seattle

Grateful for the opportunity to get to photograph inspiring creatives like Catherine of Kitty Meow Boutique. It’s so wonderful to connect with talented and collaborative people who are passionate about what they do and eager to carve a path for themselves. Catherine is a true gem with a fun spirit and playful vibe. We brought […]



Alexa and I met in San Francisco years ago when we met at work. We did a photo session on the streets of the mission and discussed how the city’s evolution was taking its toll on us. This shared perspective on a place we had eagerly both chosen to call home instantly connected us. In […]

Boss Lady: Interview with Alexa Shoen

Liz Portraits – Venice Beach

My pal from college and I recently got together in Venice, California for a portrait session on the canals and near the beach. 20 years ago this was my old stomping ground and it was so surreal being in this space now. So much has changed yet friendships, the spirit of beach life, and of […]


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Social media led me to Lauren Ko months ago.  I found her beautiful instagram account @lokokitchen and instantly fell for her incredibly stunning pie art and her hilarious puntastic captions, a follow was a no-brainer.  Clearly, I was not alone. Lauren’s instagram account (with just 50 photos on it) has skyrocketed to almost 130K followers […]

Making Pie with Lauren Ko of Lokokitchen

Love Your Space: Interview with Lelia Tran

Well, happy 2018 everyone!  I love kicking off this new year with some inspo from my dear friend Lelia.  We met about a decade ago working on a TV show.  In the months that passed we became fast friends bonding over color coordinated files and a love of coffee breaks. In the years that would […]



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