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I first met Ciriia when she arrived with Elliott to a friend’s wedding I was photographing. As I captured photos of the guests, I remember noticing the intense sweetness with which they looked at one another. As any photog would, I captured it on camera. Years later, I saw them here and there at various […]

Kerri and Marc are two of the most beautiful souls I’ve met, and it just warms my heart that they have found each other. Kerri is in social work, and Marc is a middle school teacher. They share a common passion for bettering the world and supporting others, and their circle of friends and family […]

Kim & Barry married under a full moon on a crisp November night in Northern California and it was absolutely everything.  The event was held at Reinstein Ranch in Livermore just outside of San Francisco.  If you know the Bay Area, you know that this is an area with stunning rolling hills that appear to […]

It’s not every day that a couple surprises all their friends and family and turns an engagement party into a wedding!  To guests, the afternoon seemed like the perfect garden party engagement celebration.  There was a signature cocktail, space needle views, and sunshine as far as the eye could see.  A couple of hours in […]

When I first met Wendy at work I knew immediately we’d be pals.  I was completely drawn to her energy, humor, and her ability to keep perspective and have fun no matter what.  You might say, she has a certain joie de vivre. 🙂  She is in all honesty a complete firecracker of a woman […]

I first got connected to Ashton & Jeremy through a co-worker a few months ago.  They live in North Carolina and were looking to elope out in Seattle. As luck would have it, I got the opportunity to photograph this super intimate beautiful afternoon for them and I have to say it was a real […]

It’s truly amazing how a blip in time can lead to such beautiful things.  I first met Kelly while working a retail job not too long after I had first landed in Seattle (13 years ago now!).  We bonded over the pain of early stock shifts, the way our manager said the word ‘pillow’ and […]

Kiana and Sean have been together for years but their marriage just took place earlier this month in San Francisco starting an entirely new chapter of their lives together.  We met over the phone so I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the Ralston White Retreat in Mill Valley.  When we finally […]

Seattle is a small big town.  If you’re in certain industries it seems inevitable you’re going to run into people all the time. I never actually worked with Travis but we crossed paths through two different jobs and tons of mutual friends.  We finally met in person at a friend’s wedding a few years back […]

You know you’re at a great wedding when the groom smashes cake in the bride’s face at the cake cutting and thinks he’s gotten away with it, then he gets picked up by one of the groomsmen so the bride can have an unobstructed and very grand retaliation cake smash in the face.  This moment […]