Kerri & Marc – Radonich Ranch


Kerri and Marc are two of the most beautiful souls I’ve met, and it just warms my heart that they have found each other. Kerri is in social work, and Marc is a middle school teacher. They share a common passion for bettering the world and supporting others, and their circle of friends and family was wholly reflective of that sense of community. It was a special thing to witness.

They tied the knot in the Santa Cruz Mountains at stunning Radonich Ranch. Kerri went through the day with a certain poise, ease, and calm that could only exist when you are in the moment and happy beyond measure. She was radiant in a sleeveless wedding dress with intricate lace detail in the back. Marc makes her light up.


Marc absolutely beamed at Kerri throughout the day. During the first look, he couldn’t contain his tears and joy. It was just amazing. He sported an incredible tie with tropical birds of paradise, a tie clip with gold glasses, and a blue linen suit. Half his wedding party met in dance class (including a groomslady with stellar heels to kick her ensemble up to the next level). Their collective energy was infectious, and Marc’s big heart was on display throughout the day. At the end of the toasts, he encouraged all the guests to pass the love on. “Take the love with you. Call someone, tell them that they matter.” It was so beautiful. I was wiping away tears behind my lens.


The couple’s family and friends reflect the incredible people they are. The anchor of support each speech-giver offered was further confirmation that these bonds would only grow stronger and the arms of support would only grow broader. One speech was delivered as a heartfelt performance of a song. Not a dry eye in sight.


The backdrop for all of this, of course, was idyllic Radonich Ranch just outside of Los Gatos. The stunning venue is tucked away beneath the Santa Cruz Mountains next door to several wineries. It boasts a beautiful weeping willow, duck pond, and barn just perfect for guests to relax and enjoy the day. And did they ever! Guests were treated to fantastic local food, ice cream and cookies for dessert and absolutely spectacular music by arguably the best DJs in the San Francisco area. No joke, it took all I had to not dance and sing along with them the entire day.

As the evening closed, I reflected on the warmth of the day. Everything was so open and full of vulnerability and love. It was a thing to behold. To cap it off on a personal note, I was able to photograph the day with my fabulous sister which made the whole experience that much sweeter. I take Marc’s words and share them here once more to all of you readers. Pass love on. “Take the love with you. Call someone, tell them that they matter.”





This beautiful day was put together by a talented team of folks in the Bay Area.

Second Photographer: Marie Elliott | Venue: Radonich Ranch | Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Chin | Florist: Elaine Macasiray | DJs: Aim2Pleez | Day of Coordinator: Valerie Sien


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