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I feel like I have been a part of this family’s journey since the very beginning. I first met mom, Beth at our ad agency job many moons ago. Early on we discovered that her upcoming honeymoon was at the exact time and on the precise island as my upcoming family trip. Soon after, we […]

If I had to use one word to describe little August, it would be the explorer. During our recent family session at Schmitz Preserve Park in West Seattle, he was our trail guide taking us down all the paths at lightning speeds. He was tough to catch, and often had many toddler opinions on which […]

During the holidays, there are so many great spots to get family shots, but one of my favorites is Discovery Park. There’s an area with loads of pines that looks just like a small tree farm. It was just the spot for some sweet pics with Mary and her little reindeer, I mean, daughter. Our […]

I go way back with this sweet fam. Team Baden Fox holds a special spot in my heart. When I first moved to the Bay Area, Alli and Dave were such a support system for me. I went to Alli’s baby shower, photographed Zach in his mama’s belly, and again when he first arrived. And […]

What a year it has been for this lovely family. This is the 3rd shoot I’ve had the pleasure of doing for Alex and Sarah, and it just keeps getting better. For their holiday photos this year, they absolutely crushed it with the cutest ever matching pjs that have ever happened. And they put their […]

Ok so being that I’m related to these fine people, I will say going into this, that I’m incredibly biased. But oh my freaking goodness, do I have the cutest niece and nephew around, or what? Jeebs. What is an aunt to do? This incredibly adorable crew is my family, and I am so lucky […]

I love getting to meet a friend’s family. It’s one of those great things when you can actually see where they might have gotten some of their physical traits or their personality quirks from. To even get to see them fit within their family dynamics is kind of a special treat. That’s a life-long relationship […]

When I got a photo inquiry that included the sentence, “One of the reasons I wanted to book through you was I saw you had some cat pictures on your homepage,” well, I knew this was going to be a momentous family session. I met Vanessa and her awesome family through a couple of mutual […]

Team Fanelli always shows up looking cute for a photo shoot and this year was no different. Little Scarlett dawned a fuzzy cozy pink vest and sweet bow for her hair while her teeny tiny sister Lorelai had an amazing headwrap on. It was inspo for me too on these chilly morning shoots. I think […]

How do you prepare for a fall photo shoot with completely unknown weather variables in the Pacific Northwest? As a general rule, just prepare for any and all of it. Coats, vests, blankets, whatever is necessary for the elements. Will it rain? Probably. Is that ok? It all depends on you, but generally, I like […]