Ko Family – Lincoln Park


I love getting to meet a friend’s family. It’s one of those great things when you can actually see where they might have gotten some of their physical traits or their personality quirks from. To even get to see them fit within their family dynamics is kind of a special treat. That’s a life-long relationship right there. Over Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren’s family, and it was so fun to see their collective energy.

First of all, let me just say, the Seattle weather gods were not about to make it easy for us. It was stormy stormy stormy, and we had just about given up on our beach dreams when I saw a break in the clouds. After a quick text deliberation, we said, what the heck…let’s go for it. So off we went to West Seattle’s Lincoln Park near the Fauntleroy ferry terminal and man, it was chilly and damp. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a drop my whole drive over there, and the minute I pulled up, kablamo. That’s a word, right?

Anyway, it was a special session. Lauren’s hubby’s family was also there. So it was siblings and parents all having a laugh, and a stroll on a beautiful and cool Seattle morning, and the rain actually gave us a break. My favorite part of the whole shoot was when Lauren and her dad stopped to pick these beautiful berries from a tree. She’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think they were these beauties…Chinese Strawberries. Lauren is the pie-design-maker-extraordinaire behind Lokokitchen, and she had been researching the fruit. She explained that sometimes you’ll see birds acting strangely around the berries and that’s b/c they’ve eaten bad ones that have essentially fermented and made them super duper tipsy.









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