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With a 5am wake-up time for a shoot, you’re either very crazy or very stoked. Ok, maybe a little of both. This was absolutely one of the most amazing early mornings I’ve experienced in my life. My sister Marie is engaged to her sweetheart Trevor, and we adventured all over San Francisco’s stunning Marin Headlands […]

I’m thrilled to be sharing some images from my engagement session with Chelsea & Darren up at Ollalie State Park.  We were treated to a glorious day up in the mountains.  These two are SO cute. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this summer.

Anyone who knows me understands that my sisters mean the absolute world to me.  A few months ago my sister Michelle got married in Mexico.  I was in the wedding (Maid of Honor no less) so it was challenging to get a snap in let alone get those prime moments.  That’s what their wedding photographer […]