Molly & Travis – Clearwater Casino and Resort


Seattle is a small big town.  If you’re in certain industries it seems inevitable you’re going to run into people all the time. I never actually worked with Travis but we crossed paths through two different jobs and tons of mutual friends.  We finally met in person at a friend’s wedding a few years back and have kept in touch here and there.  I followed along on his Instagram when Molly first appeared in his ‘social’ presence. ‘That’s adorable’ I remember thinking. Cut to a message from Travis asking if I’d be interested in shooting their wedding.  It was going to be something low key on the other side of Bainbridge Island just across the Agate Point Bridge, in the resort behind the Clearwater Casino.  Obviously, I said. I had actually been to this venue once before for a work trip years and years ago and I recalled the lodge-like atmosphere and coziness to the place.  Seattle weather surprised all of us and we were graced with 80 degree weather and sunshine as far as the eye could see making it the perfect evening to take dinner outside and enjoy early magic hour. The event was exactly what he had described – low key, relaxed, and full of awesome. Molly looked absolutely radiant in a wedding dress that her mom had made for her paired with a small shimmering purse from the early 1900s that her mom had also fixed up for the occasion.  50 or so of their friends and family gathered to watch them say their vows and outside boats zipped by and kids ran across the lawn.  It was picture perfect and incredibly sweet.


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