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Branding, Content Development

CreativeLive’s brand is built on the notion that each person there, be it employee or instructor is a champion for creators. This video was concepted as a short brand piece to illustrate that idea and serve as a larger narrative across social and site touchpoints. _____ Roles: Brand Strategy, Content Producer, Copywriter

We are a champion for creators video

Follow What Moves You Campaign Video

This video was created as part of a quarterly brand campaign for CreativeLive in an effort to solidify the brand’s role as a champion for creators. The concept was developed as an almost meditative way to highlight our passions and efforts to live our lives to their fullest. ______ Roles: Brand Strategy, Video Director, Copywriter, […]

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction

Branding, Content Development, Marketing

This video was created as a photo-channel specific salute to photographers everywhere. Written as a mantra and expressed through the entire CreativeLive photographic community from students to staff to instructors. This was a rallying cry to pick up your camera and bring your a-game. We later used the copy as part of the in studio […]

We are Photographers Campaign

Step Outside with CreativeLive

For the “Step Outside” campaign at CreativeLive we wanted to encourage photographers to spend the summer outdoors, have fun with adventure and nature photography, and tune in for our upcoming outdoor photography classes. I partnered with a designer on my team to create a campaign identity and worked with our visual storyteller to bring it […]

Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing


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