Light Up the Night Campaign Video

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

This video represents a turning point in CreativeLive’s brand where we started to tap into the joy of the creative journey for one of our holiday campaigns.  My intention with the concept was to feature spontaneous energy and creative freedom. It was inspired by a friend and former co-worker who had recently taken to light painting.  We played cat and mouse with the Seattle winter weather until we could make our shoot happen. We filmed on a rainy eve and a freezing night the next, the entire crew was brave and just as spirited as the short portrays. It won a Silver Telly in the digital category / branded content & entertainment. I was particularly delighted with this one because of the amazing teamwork displayed by my coworkers. It was truly a beautiful collaboration brought to life in the best of ways.


Roles: Creative Director/Director, Content Producer


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