Slice PR Brand and Content Strategy

Branding, Content Development, Lifestyle

Sometimes you get super lucky with a client. I am so happy that I got connected to do brand and content strategy for Megan Swartz Gellert, founder of Slice PR and Events. She’s such a gem and it was wonderful to help her in this phase of her career. First, I dove into the foundation of her business and identified the pieces that set her apart from the competition. Then I guided and streamlined all the elements that make up her brand to make it easier for her to reach her ideal client. Finally, I developed a content plan to help organize her messaging and images in a thoughtful and consistent way. As a part of this effort, we did a series of lifestyle shoots at Jackson Street Studio and in the surrounding Pioneer Square neighborhood, to build out a brand image library for her to showcase her business and her passions. The complete branding package included: brand story, tagline, ideal client, mission, vision, value proposition, brand promise, creative direction, brand attributes, voice and tone, content strategy for social media marketing, and photography guidelines. 








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