What’s your purpose?


Times are changing fast and sometimes that change fits in nicely with where your compass is pointed.  The other day, I stumbled upon such a trail while out for lunch.  My friend and I popped into West Elm on our way back to the office and I was struck by signage throughout the store talking about The Purpose Economy.  Curious as always, this struck something in me and I immediately looked it up.  The Purpose Economy is a book written by Aaron Hurst about a new emerging perspective.  It’s a perspective where your relationships, your purpose, and your passions are driving a new economy.  It’s a notion that is very much alive and well in Seattle and something I’m personally invested in with my own pursuits towards immersive experiences and connectivity.  After all this excitement I couldn’t just pass this by, I reached out to Hurst’s company, Imperative to see what else they had to offer.  I was delighted to find they had a presence in Seattle and even more delighted to be invited to their inaugural purpose dinner at West Elm. 8 or so of us gathered to share a meal and discuss our purpose places within the context of our home, Seattle.  It was a lovely evening full of insights and hopes that made me feel more driven than ever to continue along this path of purpose, wherever that may lead.  As I left the event Seattle was twinkling in her very best warm dusk glow and I felt a rush of gratitude and love for the people in my life who inspire me constantly and push me to move forward and those I continue to meet who touch my life in often profound ways.  I hope to enjoy more evenings such as this in the near future and host my own purpose dinner.  It was truly wonderful.

 photo courtesy of @westelmseattle

photo courtesy of @westelmseattle


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