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I like to tell stories.  A lot.  Back in college I had a friend Nicki who would tell the longest possible version of a story and a friend Jeff who would tell a story in a neatly packaged and short soundbite.  For such a long time, I would preface my stories with…do you want the […]

I rarely end up in a window seat these days.  By some strange bit of chance this morning I ended up in the perfect window seat in front of the wing and was treated to a glimpse at Seattle’s sleeping giant, Mt. Rainier.  Sometimes a change in perspective is all you need.

I’m incredibly lucky to live mere steps away from a fantastic path along Elliott Bay.  I’ve often found that even on the cloudiest of days it can bring me great peace to stroll or run along its windy pavement.  Yesterday as I reached my turnaround spot I paused as I always do, took a deep […]

At work last week, we shot a video for our summer campaign.  I was shooting some family photos as a part of the production and wow, did we have fun.  Meet Oliver and his mom (my dear friend) Nicole.  Thanks to them, there wasn’t a bad pic in the bunch, the video turned out well […]

One of my simple pleasures is styling and cozying up in my apartment.  I like to create and cultivate a comfy peaceful space for relaxation, entertaining, and creativity.  It’s an ongoing effort filled with spins through Goodwill, Pinterest boards, and random grabs from my travels.  This weekend, I livened the room up a bit with […]

Today we celebrate the longest day of the year.  I’ve always felt a special something for Summer.  I have a summer birthday, love warmth, and I can’t get enough of the outdoors.  This year, I spent Solstice with the terrific company of my lovely baby sister who to my constant surprise, is now all grown up. […]

Seattle was blasted with 80 degree crystal clear weather this past week.  It was the perfect opportunity to capture some fun in the sun with the adorable Hamlin family.  Nicole and Eric’s new addition Oliver is just a precious little guy with the most cherub-like cheeks you have ever seen.  We hit up Greenlake for […]

You remember The Sound of Music right?  Well, the actual Von Trapp family that the film was based on have some very talented grandchildren who formed a group and then teamed up with Portland’s Pink Martini to create some beautiful music together.  I saw them perform around this time last year and I’m feeling a little nostalgic on this throwback Thursday.  Here’s a little […]

I don’t know about you but there are some days when I am just so desperate for a lightbulb to blink on and show me the perfect idea or the path ahead.   Lately I’ve been swimming around in muddy waters trying to forge ahead and I’m feeling really stuck.  Thankfully, the good people at 99U […]

It’s official!  My little sister is hitched!  Oh how I wish I could go back in time to hang out on the beaches of Mexico once more.  I was pretty busy being maid of honor but here are a couple of shots of the gorgeous bride and groom I was able to pull off while […]