The Advocate


Last month a man approached me in LA trying to tell me my fortune.  I was exhausted at the time and had carved aside 5 minutes to step away from the group I was with to just sit in peace.  As he approached I asked him to simply leave me be but he was determined.  The one thing he uttered was “you will have a very good month ahead” and I laughed it off and said “ok thanks, but really, can you leave me alone now?”  This was likely nothing however I cannot deny that I have had an exceptionally good month full of surprises and changes in several areas of my life.  I keep having people say to me “put what you want out into the universe” and whether or not you subscribe to such things there’s no real harm in it, right?  So, I have been.  What has transpired is a slow and steady trail of breadcrumbs that I continue to pick up.  Something is afoot.  I can’t put my finger on it and part of me doesn’t even want to.  One such development was my recent introduction to The Purpose Economy and Imperative.   My Imperative assessment illuminated the path I’ve been swirling around in a much more succinct manner by dubbing me “The Advocate”.  It was shockingly on point.  As an advocate, I seek to impact society by creating authentic human experiences.  I’ve been circling around the notion of experience for months now (perhaps my entire life) and I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead.  If you have 10 or so minutes, I highly recommend to take the assessment and see where you land.  Everyone I’ve shared it with has really enjoyed seeing where their passions align and how we can work together.   


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