happy belated year of the horse


When I first landed in San Francisco I was utterly delighted to discover that I had an adventure buddy willing to explore every corner of the city with me.  Our last adventure was quintessential San Francisco, Chinese New Year in Chinatown.  What better place to go out with a bang?  No pun intended but whoops!  We first enjoyed delicious dumplings at Good Mong Kok Bakery and all told spent maybe $10 for 2 x exceedingly full and happy bellies including beverages.  If you go there and see a line, don’t fret – it’s well worth it.  Next up we ventured to a back alley to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company where we filled up on the wafflely smells and sugary delights being created before our eyes.  Then we settled in for the main event, the parade!  After a great deal of frustration as we jockeyed for position we decided front-row seats were better left to those who felt jerky enough to elbow you for a couple hours.  As a reward we found a side street to watch from complete with all the fireworks we could ask for.  It was pretty and joyous as people watched from the balconies above and clapped and ran through the streets below.  To round out the experience we dipped into a couple souvenir shops where I decided it was imperative that I get a little jade Buddha to keep me calm at the office.  Emily, you are the bestest adventure buddy a gal could ask for and I hope to have many more in many other cities!  


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