I forgot about autumn sunsets


I spent so much time lamenting summer’s departure that I completely forgot how utterly amazing fall sunsets are.  Not sure what makes it so but when they happen, they’re always incredible.  When I moved back to the Emerald City I tried to find a place that faced west.  I was lucky enough to also score a place  that has this view.  In a month’s time we’ll change clocks and I won’t see this after work but until then, I’m going to soak this up.  This snap also represents a happy turn for me as I have been honing in on a look for some time and I think I found it.  It’s a sweet blend that almost ends up looking like a matte print.  It’s soft but can still pack a punch with natural colors.  This is one of 3 crazy sunsets I caught this past week.  They are reminders to take a pause and appreciate the passage of time.  I’m so looking forward to sharing my shoots from the past couple of months.  Feeling a change in the wind.  Glad you’re here autumn.  I forgot how much I love you.


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