Weitmann Family – Discovery Park


There’s really nothing like a foggy stroll through a Seattle park in winter. It’s one of the most invigorating sensory experiences.  The air is just buzzing with freshness.  On the morning of my shoot with the Weitmann family there was actually a little too much fog and you couldn’t see a few steps in front of you so we had to wait it out until there was just enough clearing for our photos. It was worth it. Between Penelope (aka Penny) and her dog-brother Duke battling for their parents attention and the overall majesty of the park it was one entertaining and special session.  For me, everything melted away when Penny not once, but TWICE reached for me to hold her.  What? I’ve never had that happen before. It was absolutely the sweetest and of course, I obliged. Penny (now a full fledged walker) was just getting her sea legs when we had this session and was eager to show off as much as possible, including one epic trailblazing run down the big hill at the park with her dad.  As we parted, Penny took the reins to proudly walk Duke and gave an impressive “thank you” on her way. So much love and sweetness in this family. It was a pleasure to spend some time with them.


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