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Tompkins Family – Manhattan Beach

Last weekend I had an amazing time with the Tompkins family down in California!  Kasey and I went to college together and it had been so long since I’d seen her.  It was a total treat to get to meet her husband Jeff and their son Ian.  We went to Manhattan Beach for our pics and made our way along the boardwalk (incidentally a fave pastime of mine from college was to go sit on the pier and photograph the surfers here).  When we first started it was super overcast and then as we made our way towards ice cream…well, the sun came out in full force.  Now a word or two about little Ian.  This kid cracked me up the entire time.  First of all, he has these little curls that have a personality all their own.  Then add to that a love for his stuffed frog, bubble gun, truck, and chocolate ice cream and we had a lot of fun shooting.  We ended the session over at Manhattan Beach Creamery and we certainly enjoyed every bite.

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