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Thankful for Thanksgiving

I had the most wonderful time in LA last weekend at my sister & brother-in-law’s house.  They threw an all day shindig with a gorgeous patio dinner that just melted away all my stress.  For the whole day, I didn’t worry about what was going on at work, or on my Facebook, or in email, or with my photo business, or the recent election, or anything that tends to creep in and take over from time to time.  Instead I was treated (and I do mean treat, this was my first time ever just being a guest somewhere without a single responsibility or dish to prepare) to a glorious time and all 3 of my sisters were there.  It was so nice.  I took pictures all day and it made me so very happy.  This particular set up is one of my favorites to photograph, people coming together around food in a beautiful space to spend time with one another. It’s just so fundamentally wonderful. This one will stand out to me for years to come.  

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