Salt & Straw

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Maybe you’ve heard of Salt & Straw but don’t get all the fuss.  It’s just ice cream, right?  WRONG.  Insanely long line?  Worth it.  Too many flavor options?  Worth it.  But I have to get to Portland to eat this stuff?  People, worth it.  Also, they have a shop in LA so West Coasters I refuse to understand why you’re not in line yet.  17% butterfat, incredible press on every facet of the business, bah, I wish I were there right this instant!!! I’m salivating just recalling how amazing this experience was.  The hype is 100% appropriate.  Salt & Straw knows how to make insanely good ice cream and every single person in line (and that kid staring aimlessly at his mom making things happen) knows it too.  This ice cream is…worth it.  Do yourself a favor and go visit.  Or, if you’re feeling like the drive/flight is just too much dough consider ponying up for their monthly pint’s club.  Genius.  


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