Rittenmyer Family – Discovery Park


I’ve known the Rittenmyer crew for years now and I have to say I appreciate them in so many ways.  They’re the kind of friends who are just there for you. Geo has let me borrow lenses from time to time and has offered some much needed advice on my photography path and Chelsea has been an absolute rock of a friend both at work and outside of the office. When it comes to knowing where I’ll be during the end of the world, it’s settled that I’ll be in the general vicinity of their basement, which thankfully is a mere 5 blocks away from my place. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that I had an absolute blast photographing their family at Discovery Park. We opted for another early morning shoot to capture the magical light of summer sunrise in the Pacific Northwest. Our call time? 5:30am. Who knew this would lead to a quiet and rather sleepy little boy who typically has no problem smiling and hamming it up. Thankfully it took a little time, a couple of snacks, and a pinecone gathering to wake him right up and make our session incredibly memorable. I’m so lucky to call them friends. Bah! Summer shoots are the best y’all.  


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