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PNW Winter Fun

This was the first time we’ve really mixed up holiday tradition in my family.   This year, 2 of my sisters came up to Seattle and stayed with me.  It was really cool to be able to try some new things out and find our own way around the holiday. I even prepared an amazing tamarind spiced honey baked ham from a Bon Appetit recipe!  We played around Seattle and even trekked up through Bellingham into Vancouver for a super wintery and hilarious 2 hour jaunt into Canada.  The snow forced us back but we didn’t care.  It was a fun roadtrip anyway!  I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and even got to celebrate my pal’s birthday (who is stuck with a holiday birthday so no one is ever around) – all in all, it was really nice to try something different.  It was amazing to smell the fresh air of the northwest, see beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and have the joy and love of two of my sisters surrounding me.  Feeling ready to kick off 2017 full force. Happy New Year.

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