Kemery Family – Discovery Park


If you choose to live in the Northwest you probably have a bit of a soft spot for the rain.  Each time the cloud blanket rolls in and gentle drops fall a fresh breath of air embraces everything.  Last weekend I ventured out with the Kemery Family on one such day.  It was classically Seattle, a chilly February day with the most magical light.  Just the perfect backdrop for our family portraits at Discovery Park.  Everyone was bundled up and sweet Adi was the most stylish and cheerful little one imaginable.  She clearly loved being outside and was so much fun to photograph.  During our stroll she pointed out planes, made ‘woof’ sounds when we approached dogs, played “tick tock” on Dad’s shoulders, and played peek-a-boo.  Just when I thought she had probably had enough of our photographic shenanigans, she pulled out her bag of tricks and very proudly and sweetly started giving smooches to her dad and hugs to her mom that just melted my heart.       


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