Brunch at Playa Provisions

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We’ve all been there.  Meeting your friend’s significant other for the first time is always a little, well, sketchy.  You just never know.  All parts of you are hoping this will be the dream scenario: the person is great, your friend is happy, and bonus you dig them enough to potentially have Friendsgiving with them or even more intense go on vacation with them.  I recently met my pal’s new guy over brunch. (I say new but they’ve been together for a while – I just live in Seattle and they’re in LA so…)  To my delight I was so over the moon about the whole thing.  He’s a rad guy and just a great fit for my awesome friend and yes, I’m hopping on their music festival vacation next year.  Here are a few pics from our delicious brunch at Playa Provisions in LA last weekend. Raise those glasses, my friend found a keeper.  


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