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Today I overcame my anxiety around asking strangers if I can photograph them.  Maybe it was having my sister with me or being in a city I didn’t live in or just the general friendliness I was getting from everyone we spoke to but today was the day. 

My first portrait this morning was of the bartender at 23Hoyt, a beautifully designed and artfully decorated space in the NW area of Portland.  I plan on doing a whole post about that place because it was just smashing.  Anyway, he had struck a pose at the bar sipping on his coffee as he waited for more drink orders to come through and I just thought it was marvelous so I walked over to him and asked if he’d mind if I took his photo.  Thankfully he obliged and then he inquired about my camera (apparently he had studied photojournalism) so we geeked out for a minute.  I felt pretty encouraged by his reaction and our interaction afterwards so about an hour later at a Max stop when I came upon a gentleman who just looked so incredible, I simply had to ask him too!  He had floral pants on, a great shirt, snazzy shoes, a hat, and a case (portfolio?).  I overheard a lady nearby complimenting his hat and I hopped on the bandwagon further complimenting him and asking for his photo.  He seemed more than pleased so I was able to snap his image as well. 

Then I asked a gal at a beautiful coffee shop (Coava, going to post about them soon as well) and she said sure but I don’t think my request quite translated as she kept moving about like a bumble bee hard at work.  It still made for a great environmental portrait which is exactly what I want to spend more time working on so that was awesome.  Lastly a portrait of a non-stranger, my beautiful little sister Cecille.  Definitely feeling inspired with this style of portraiture and can see how this could be something I keep working towards in the future.   


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