Moving Daze

Fun Stuff

I had my passport before I had even turned 1.  Before I was eighteen I had moved 5 times. Since then, it has been a move almost every single year.  That’s a lot of packing tape and trips to Home Depot.  For all intents and purposes, I am a modern nomad, endlessly searching for a better fit, a new outlook, and different opportunities.  LA for 9 years.  Seattle for 9 years.  San Francisco for a year long stint.  And now, back in Seattle for 2 years.  Why can’t I sit still?  My work life certainly hasn’t been terribly different.  Does it really matter?  As I’m gearing up for yet another move I’ve been struck by how different this one feels.  This is a move I’m making to stay somewhere for a bit.  It’s a move I’m making to dare I say, settle down?  I decided to go beyond utility and choose a space I can be truly comfortable in and be inspired creatively.  It’s a ‘grown up’ move (as I’m creeping up slowly into my late late 30s it seems funny to say that) full of furniture investment and a thoughtful approach to interior design.  If photography is teaching me anything it’s that documenting things (even when they seem silly, trivial or unimportant) has a lot of value.  Just to look back and acknowledge and bring the memories back.  I had to shoot a bit today as I packed up.  It’s a transition time.  I’ve got a new position at work, moving to a ‘grown up’ apartment, and a bourgeoning passion for photography that is truly just starting to take flight, there may even be a new kitten addition to my crew. Meeko needs a pal – can you see how bored she is on that box perch?  So here’s to documenting change and embracing it even though it always comes with certain levels of discomfort. 


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