Moving day

Fun Stuff

I have lived in 8 cities, spent summers in 3 others, and moved within the same city countless times.  It would seem that I am a modern nomad.  What that says about me I’ll let my therapist decide.  What I propose is that I’m a seeker and my parents before me.  The NW seems to have the strongest of all my root systems.   As I prepare for yet another move this weekend and I’m recycling old clothes and saying goodbye to childhood treasures I’ve been carting around over the years, I’m reminded that life is short and there’s no time to sit in a space that isn’t right for you in this moment.  We grow and change just like the spaces around us.   This plant on the top left is an orange tree that I sort of adopted from a co-worker. It sat in our freezing cold office and withered away to nothing but two dry weak leaves.  I took it and tended to it for months and eventually it grew stronger.  When I moved back up to Seattle it grew another branch (which is now its longest) and a couple of months ago it grew two more.  Yesterday I took on a new little plant project.  He’s a tiny little guy that has been withering away in a dark area of my office that I also sit in.  He needs a bit of light and love and I hope that this new environment can coax him back to a happier existence.  Spring marks new life and beginnings.  I feel it’s happening in my every day and in the big picture and I feel quietly giddy about it.  Of course any time you start making changes it’s scary but in the end, no one can ever say that I didn’t try to follow my dreams.  Evolve and never stop growing.  


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