An Evening at Locanda Ravello – Danville

Food, Lifestyle, Photography

Photographing the food and spirit of family-run Italian hotspot Locanda Ravello in Danville was a real joy. First of all, Bay Area peeps, if you haven’t been to Danville, you’re missing out. It’s absolutely adorable. Everywhere I turned there was a cute little old renovated sports car or vintage truck with a perfect paint job.

The restaurant has 3 distinct spaces including the front area with a large pizza oven, an expansive patio area, and a back bar. It’s cozy, warm, and inviting in the winter and I imagine it’s lively in the summer months. The outside tables are covered in beautiful colorful tile, and with each dish, you’re transported straight to the Mediterranean.

We shot an array of dishes such as cioppino, gnocchi, lasagne, and pizza, and I got to dip into the kitchen and get up close and personal with the flavors taking shape. Visit for a glass of wine and a margherita pizza or just visit because it’s always great to experience cooking from folks who know.









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