Burns Family – Kirkland


I met Beth before she was a Burns.  We worked together at an ad agency and found ourselves working on the same client account.  One day we learned that we were both traveling to Hawaii on the same day.  She was going for her honeymoon and I was going for a family trip.  Eventually we learned we were also on the same flights, not only to Honolulu but also for our short flight over to the island of Kauai.  If memory serves, I met James at the airport and I was immediately excited to talk to him about our shared Michigan roots. It’s hard to remember many other details exactly now, that was many years ago.  But what I recall was how kind and fun they were.  Over the years we’ve done several photo shoots together and I’ve seen how that spirit has translated to their daughters.  This shoot marked number 4! I’ve been so lucky to witness and document this incredible family as they blossom.   This past shoot, I was particularly touched by the sister dynamic that is developing between Clementine and little Harlow.  It reminded me so much of myself and my younger sister Michelle.  Clementine the big sister, full of energy and a bit of a ham.  And then Harlow wide-eyed and observational, trusting in her sister to take her for a fun ride, who knows where.  Each time I photograph the Burns Family, I’m humbled by their love. It’s really inspiring to see.


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