Holiday Card & Photo Gift Round Up

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It’s that time!!  Hello December! This is one of the biggest questions I get asked by friends and clients: Where should I print my cards!!?? Followed by, what’s a photo gift that’s not cheesy? No one really needs your face on a paperweight, right? Not to worry, I have some options (and a few deals) to tell you all about. I for one have been a little behind the ball on getting my own Christmas cards ordered this year but I’ve been trying to up my print game for a bit now so I’m excited to share some of my favorite companies to work with for cards and photo gifts!

(I’m interrupting to disclose to you lovely readers that I’m an affiliate with the vendors in this post and receive a commission when purchases are made through these links. But to be clear, these are companies I use myself and appreciate – it’s really a win/win if you think about it. OK, let’s get back to it…)

So why does print matter in the first place?  I think we can all agree that it’s how we keep our memories from fading, they’re tangible meaningful physical evidence that we are here. It’s so different from digital images on your phone or computer. Plus, who knows what file formats and systems we’ll be using in the future? I mean, Facebook didn’t even exist 14 years ago. Print is a real honest to goodness memory right in your hand and there’s really nothing like it. With that in mind, here are some faves I have. Hope this helps you make some decisions and get those cards out.  Empty fridges are awaiting your ugly sweaters. 

Paper Culture Why do I love them? They plant a tree with EVERY order, their designs are kick ass, AND they use eco-friendly materials. I can’t say enough good things. I got my personal cards from them last year and just ordered up a set for my Mom (we’ve been doing annual Elliott-family cards since 1986 y’all for reals, she’s committed!) – Another awesome feature at Paper Culture is that you can have a designer review your card at no extra cost to make sure everything is looking good.  I had one help me out with some of my colors to get them just so. They’re currently running 50% off new years cards through 12/27/17 so move on that deal while it’s still going!

Parabo Press Parabo has some fun offerings including large engineering prints which are a beautiful way to showcase something like a big landscape or even a big family pic and bonus, they often have free print deals! I am a big fan of their squares and used them as part of my client gifts from last year.  They also have softcover books and accordion prints that I think are perfect for grandparents and extended family gifts to tell more of a story. 

Artifact Uprising I’ve been going to Artifact Uprising for years now for calendars and their new albums look awesome. I’m thinking about working that into my personal routine because I used to scrapbook (yes friends! I scrapbooked!!) and there’s something about having it in print, in an album that is tangible and beautiful and ready to flip through that is so great. I HAVE to start getting images off of my iPhone. It really keeps your memories treasured.  Back to the calendars, I love their design options an they have stands you can purchase (and then just order up another calendar next year without the stand) to hold all the months. I also like the idea of hanging them with washi tape or a magnet on the fridge.  Another favorite product offering that they have now is their Baby Book. It’s a stunning interactive journal that allows you space to write and room to add images. What a cool thing for your kiddo to receive someday.

Minted Minted is great because it’s kind of a 1-stop-shop for so many gifts.  There’s apparel, artwork, stationary and not to mention the photo gift selection. Many interesting ways to turn those family pics into something fun for grandparents. (Plus, hey-yo – get 20% off holiday cards with the code: HOLPHOTODMOTIF through 12/31/17 – boom)


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