Fanelli Family – Golden Gardens


Team Fanelli always shows up looking cute for a photo shoot and this year was no different. Little Scarlett dawned a fuzzy cozy pink vest and sweet bow for her hair while her teeny tiny sister Lorelai had an amazing headwrap on. It was inspo for me too on these chilly morning shoots. I think it’s officially beanie season. This is our third session together and we always shoot during Seattle’s most unpredictable weather months and somehow every time, we luck out with weather.



November and December can bring lots of fog, rain, and even sometimes snow to the Emerald City. On this morning, we had a beautiful blanket of Pacific NW clouds and not a single drop of rain (a first for us). The gals were extra interested in being cozy and held by their parents so we kept it easy. The little ones enjoyed exploring the park area on shoulder-tops and snuggled up in welcoming arms.






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