Rossilli Family


It’s truly amazing how full circle things in life can be.  When I was younger I had no idea what it would mean to be part of a little army of strong women.  I also was completely unaware that intense bonds and friendships would form once my sisters and I all inched toward adulthood.  What I did know is that I was 1 of 4 girls and this was ‘unusual’ amongst my friendship circles.  Between my dad reading us Little Women, Little House on the Prairie and of course my inevitable appreciation of Pride and Prejudice I actually felt like I was in tremendous company with strong, brave, and funny women on a nightly basis.  I first met Jake a few years ago when he was interviewing where I work.   The hiring manager let me know a few fun facts about him ahead of time as I prepped. One such fact was that he is a father of 4 girls.  In my entire life, I’ve only met two other families with this grouping.  Two!  It’s like a club.  I immediately felt like I understood his guy.  He got the job and soon after I got to meet his wife Katie and their incredible family and a wonderful friendship developed.  Katie and Jake are two of the kindest humans I’ve ever met and they’re a perfect compliment to one another in so many ways.  Their daughters are a beautiful reflection of their personalities and talents.  There’s humor, thoughtfulness, zeal, exuberance and laughter around every corner with these kids and I just adore this family.  We recently hit up the Mountainview Blueberry Farm to pick some berries and capture the day and it was one of the best mornings ever.  Later I relayed the morning’s activity to my own sisters who remain my biggest champions and best of friends.   


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