Fall is dreamy

Fun Stuff

This autumn Seattleites were dealt a nice set of cards from the weather gods.  We actually got eased into fall instead of plunged into a dark, grey, rainy wall like we’ve had in years past.  Last month we’ve enjoyed both warm days and chilly & rainy days.  Together, they made for a nice dip into sweater weather.  I felt like for once, I could actually get excited about it.  Heck, today I even had a photo shoot on a pumpkin patch.  Given all this I have begun to build my nest to prepare to hibernate.  I was never this way until I moved to the northwest but now, it’s become a bit of a tradition.  It’s like my body says, cozy up. It’s going to be a long time before you’re frolicking around in shorts again. Fun highlights have included nestling in for breakfast in bed one weekend morning, toasting goodbye to summer on my roof with a little added kick (helloooo bourbon), and then a dreamy video shoot for work in the mountains.  All and all, I’d say I’m ready.


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