Burns Family – Volunteer Park


I’ve photographed this awesome family since their first kiddo, and now they’ve blossomed into a powerhouse party of 5. Beth and James always crack me up with their humor every session we have, and it’s clear that they’ve passed on that silliness to their 3 girls. These ladies didn’t keep still for more than a second as we ran all around Capitol Hill’s Volunteer Park. I was lucky if I even caught the blurs they were that fast.


This go around we had our beautiful family session in the fall so the dahlia garden was in full bloom and there were some autumn leaves in various parts of the park. Generally speaking though, the lush greens were the perfect backdrop for these sweet sister moments.  Watching the dynamics between siblings and also with their parents was hilarious. All personalities were in full display, including the newbie to the bunch, Chloe who kept her cool under pressure the entire time.









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