Brunch Reflections

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I’ve been trying to carry my DSLR along more often so I can practice new things and continue refining.  Today at brunch I was struck by how many reflective surfaces I was drawn to.  It got me thinking about the notion of reflection in the first place. As awkward as it has been for me, I’m realizing how crucial it is to clients that they get to know you a bit.  When someone is looking for a photographer, they’re no doubt looking for different things but I know what I bring to the table, and that’s me.  Sure it’s my skill set, and my photo style to some degree – but it’s also me.  How I make a person feel behind the lens, what are we going to talk about, do we want to hang out after? Oddly, that has forced me to be much more open than I would want to be on the good old interwebs.  I’m slowly but surely embracing my selfie stick (calling those pics “Self portraits” though, come on), and making sure to take time to reflect (haha, I crack myself up) on progress and life around me in general.  2016 has brought some incredible gigs my way, and I have a few more before it’s over and a few more on the horizon next year!  It sort of happened all on its own – and then again, with a lot of hard work.  It’s something I’m proud of, and happy with, and I think today I had a moment of appreciation.  This all brings us to this morning’s brunch! I got to hang with my pal Nicole and we had a fab brunch over at Stateside on Capitol Hill and we followed it up with one of our faves: General Porpoise for a little post-brunch delight.  Nicole let me take her photo (such a trooper, rain and all) and we caught up as pals do.  I’m hoping when I look back on today I’ll remember this pause, this moment of reflection where I looked at things and said – yeah girl, you’re doing pretty alright and you have some pretty amazing people in your life.


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