Bowe Family – Washington Arboretum


Being a twin must be such an interesting experience. You were born together, you know each other better than anyone else and you probably at times think that you have telepathy. What about when you’re a toddler and a twin? I recently photographed little Brooklyn and Lucy and their awesome parents for a fall family photo session over at the Washington Park Arboretum, and I just kept thinking, what is going on in your sweet little minds? Do you have some kind of radar on one another?

I was especially struck by how much they had grown since last year and how their personalities were on a new level. Little Lucy kept smiling for the camera and pausing to spend time with all the leaves and twigs, and Brooklyn was clearly very adventurous and just wanted to go explore the park. She revealed her smiles quickly and sneakily as though she knew I wanted nothing but to catch one in action.

For those who live in Seattle, if you haven’t been over to the arboretum yet, I highly recommend it for a little autumn fun with beautiful fall foliage.  I recently learned they have these fantastic seasonal tour maps (scroll down a bit on the page) of the park that are broken out by month so you can know what the plants, leaves, and trees are up to at any given time. Very helpful and made the experience that much more enjoyable.


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