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Birthday Sparkle on the Nines

I have always considered myself as sort of a Peter Pan.  The idea of turning into any sort of adult was just not something I ever found appealing, let alone the notion of aging.  But at some point in my 30s I turned a corner and realized that age has its perks, and wisdom and experience is not to be underrated in fact it can help you live a fuller life if you pay attention.  That said, I’m inching towards 40 and what once used to feel so old now seems like just another opportunity to keep growing and embracing the woman I’ve turned into a little more fully.  Once I crested 25, I’ve downplayed my birthday and celebrated quietly not really wanting to make a big deal about it.  But now I’m starting to realize, hey – it’s really cool to have made it another year on this big old rock.  It’s another year of you doing rad stuff in the world.  Another year of you touching the lives around you.  And another reason to get together with the people you care about.  Why not celebrate it?  So my new approach to birthdays is rather than kind of panic about the new number with the zero at the end of it, I’m gonna really blow out the nines. 

For 39 I gathered some favorite gal pals and we enjoyed some sparkly bubbles on my roof as the sun set.  Leading up to the night I had shared the various ways in which they all impacted my life and inspired me along the way.  It was so special to get these amazing ladies all in one place.  I can’t believe how hard I laughed and how loved I felt.  We ate funfetti cupcakes and enjoyed champagne, prosecco, cava, bubbly rose, the works.  It was so fun. 

I hope that if you’re reading this, and you’ve never really given yourself that attention, maybe try it this next birthday.  The world is lucky to have you!  It’s ok to take a day to shine and be with anyone in your life who just gets you.  Birthdays don’t have to mean doom and gloom.  When you think about it, they are just little reminders to show our sparkle.  Speaking of, a ridiculous sequined top can have a very fun effect on your overall mood, especially when magic hour light hits it.  Who knew you could shoot champagne in little plastic cups so many different ways?  

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