Azadi Family – Sutro Baths


I typically photograph a lot of little ones so my photo shoot with the Azadi family provided a fantastic opportunity to try a slightly more adventurous location.  We lucked out with a stunning San Francisco November day and met at the Land’s End Visitor’s Center.  From there we meandered down to Sutro Baths and checked out the “ruins” of this once operating bay area bath house.  We checked out a cave or two and then made our way up to the Land’s End trail which led us to a beautiful vista where we had a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Mak & Heather have their hands full with these three kids. They are so funny and witty it was hard to keep from joking.  You can tell it’s a family trait.  Their sweetness was ever-present. You could see it when little Charlie helped his mom onto one of the tall rocks or when Isabelle took her dad’s arm and my favorite moment of affection was Audrey photobombing her sister’s portrait and generally hamming it up whenever possible.  Watch out for these 3, I feel as though in the very near future, they’ll be running everything and keeping us all in stiches while they’re at it.  


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