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Substantial | Product Design Firm, Seattle, WA


We've never had photos of our company like this before! 12 years and this is the first time a real photographer has come in and shot our amazing space and team. It's been great for internal morale and the feedback upon sharing them has been super positive. 

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Kimber Elements | Jewelry Design, Seattle, WA


Danielle's photos helped bring my brand and vision to life. She nailed the creative direction and the look and feel that we discussed. She took the time to scout the location and the time of day in advance, so when we arrived on location, we were ready to shoot with the limited daylight that we had. Every conversation and email correspondence was professional, warm, honest, welcoming, and clearly articulated. This was my first professional photo shoot, and Danielle helped prepare me for the process. It was a magical collaboration!

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Oiselle | Clothing Brand, Seattle, WA


Danielle is such a joy to work with. What I appreciated the most was her calm nature, thoughtful listening, and excitement to create. She brought all of our collaboration/ideas/styles to life and delivered images that were beyond my expectations. 

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