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Fun facts, little oddities, and insights about a sun-seeking ENFP born to a couple of classical musicians who really love Star Wars 

10 Things About Me

I was born in Minneapolis in the summer of '77. My parents met at work while playing in the Minnesota orchestra together. Family rumor has it, my dad took my mom to see "Star Wars" at the drive-in while she was in labor with me, and that pretty much sets the stage for my music and movie-filled future. It was the late 70s and I was one of the last to enter a club that would later be dubbed Gen X.


Star Wars You Say?

You may have noticed that I kind of like all things floral, botanical, green, leafy, branchy, whispy, blossomy, tree-y. From succellents, to gardens, to farms, to full on floral design and landscaping I am over the moon about the spectacular beauty that is nature's plant collection. They make me smile, they provide me with endless inspiration, and I'm constantly looking for ways to sneak them into all my images.


Botanical Dreams

I love a well-crafted cocktail. There's something so fun about mixing up a combo of interesting flavors with the perfect garnish to add a sense of occasion. Back in the day I worked at many restaurants and bartended a little bit. My favorite, if pressed, would be a lovely rye old fashioned made with both regular and orange bitters. But honestly I don't think I've met a cocktail I haven't liked. 



I'm a July baby (early Leo) and undeniably attached to my sun sign. Straight from the online astrology write ups, I'm motivated by the need to experience life from a place of fun, passion, and creative self-expression. Sparkles ? Yes. Funfetti? Always. Balloons? Have we met? Our time is precious and so special, I have a firm belief that we are meant to glow as brightly as we can each and every day. Shine bright y'all. 


I'm a Leo

I've lived in ten cities and two countries. Growing up we moved around a lot. I think it's where my love of travel stems from. I love popping to a new place and discovering amazing spots to grab food, see live music, or enjoy a glass of wine. My move to Santa Barbara in '21 marked my third time (3rd!!) moving to California, and my most recent move to Austin in '22 marks my 2nd time in the Lone Star State. Even though I love a PNW mood, I can't seem to stay away from the sun.


Chasing the Sun

Remember back to #1? My parents are both professional musicians. I grew up around some pretty talented people and naturally, I had to give it a go myself. I played violin for 10+ years and now I'm married to someone who has a doctorate guessed it, music. No way around it, there is always music on in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've got a little good vibes Spotify mix to get a sense of some current faves. Check it out.


Music is My Life

Speaking of my honey...not too long ago we had an epic wedding adventure! We had planned a secret-sauce elopement to Greece in spring 2020, but obviously life had other plans. We've rescheduled, rescheduled again, canceled, and thanks to some very dedicated professionals who created the vaccines, we were finally able to visit and say our "I do's" along those beautiful blues of the Mediterranean. If you'd like to see more of this beautiful adventure, our photographer has a lovely post.


I Eloped!

I am one of four sisters!! We are a sassy bunch of passionate creatives making the world brighter wherever we can. One of my sisters (Marie) even joins me as a second photographer on many of my wedding sessions. Friends have said we're like Pokémons or baseball cards that are hard to collect. We're rarely in the same place at once, but when we are, look out. It's a pile of laughs, inside jokes, and so much Enrique Iglesias (or Newsies, depending on the day). 


Sister Power

Maybe it's because I'm kind of an introvert (weird for a Leo, right?), but I love to wear hats. Every time I pop one on, it's like I get a little security blanket feeling. It helps that they're super cute. From beanies to berets to full blown Indiana Jones-style adventure hats I am in. 


I Have a Lot of Hats

I'm on a mission to put more positivity into the universe and make choices to take care of our planet and one another. Good vibes has always been more to me than just a catchy phrase. I truly want to be a force for change.  As a woman of color I'm particularly passionate about broadening the scope of representation in media and marketing so everyone can have the opportunity to see themselves reflected.


Good Vibes


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