Role: Brand Strategy The CreativeLive brand needed to have an authentic voice to pair with real photography so we focused the voice to be personal, conversational, and relatable. Every piece of messaging needed to be relevant to creators who follow their passions and go through the highs and lows of the creative process.

CreativeLive Voice and Tone

Everybody Starts Somewhere Campaign

“Everybody starts somewhere” was concepted while I was at CreativeLive. It was imagined as a localized brand campaign for out of home and print and evolved to a digital campaign across site and social. It provided students with an inspirational point of departure to take a creative leap just as their mentors and creative heroes […]

Branding, Content Development

Branding, Fun Stuff

Oh hi!  I’m breaking from my regularly scheduled programming to share something I’m personally really proud of.  Tada!  Without further ado, here’s my new Danielle Motif brand identity!!  I’ve been working on this little universe of photos & good vibes for the past year with my friend and badass designer Jake Rossilli (if you want […]

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

CreativeLive Brand Launch

This video was created for the launch of the new CreativeLive brand expression. Centered around the idea that there’s a creator in all of us, this piece showcases elements of the creative process in an effort to point to their universality. Roles: Brand Strategy, Content Producer, Copywriter

Branding, Content Development

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction, Marketing

CreativeLive launched both an iOS and tvOS app to make learning more accessible for their students. I partnered with the marketing and product teams to develop positioning, messaging, and our brand video to bring the pieces to life. The app’s flexibility allows for pausing and starting on all your devices anywhere so we featured it […]

CreativeLive App Launch Video

We are a champion for creators video

CreativeLive’s brand is built on the notion that each person there, be it employee or instructor is a champion for creators. This video was concepted as a short brand piece to illustrate that idea and serve as a larger narrative across social and site touchpoints. _____ Roles: Brand Strategy, Content Producer, Copywriter

Branding, Content Development

Branding, Content Development, Creative Direction

This video was created as part of a quarterly brand campaign for CreativeLive in an effort to solidify the brand’s role as a champion for creators. The concept was developed as an almost meditative way to highlight our passions and efforts to live our lives to their fullest. ______ Roles: Brand Strategy, Video Director, Copywriter, […]

Follow What Moves You Campaign Video

We are Photographers Campaign

This video was created as a photo-channel specific salute to photographers everywhere. Written as a mantra and expressed through the entire CreativeLive photographic community from students to staff to instructors. This was a rallying cry to pick up your camera and bring your a-game. We later used the copy as part of the in studio […]

Branding, Content Development, Marketing


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