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who loves pictures from their phone raise your hand!

I’ll be the first to admit, when the world went digital I was not an early adopter.  I was, in a word…stubborn.  I love film, I studied film, I think it’s beautiful.  What film also can be is a limitation.  It’s expensive, you need specific skills for processing and editing, and these days it’s not that easy to come by.  As I slowly embraced things like digital SLRs and cell phones the moment finally came when my cell phone camera supplemented my small Canon Elf that I always had in my purse.  And now, it’s the phone or the SLR.  I’ve become a huge fan of snaps from my phone.  It’s always with me – I don’t miss an opportunity to capture – ever.  In fact, I find I pay more attention to the little things and am always on the hunt for the next image.  Thanks to the people over at Social Print Studio you can make those images just a pretty as they appear in your Instagram feed.  First I tested out how I felt with some prints (I plan on using as postcards) and some small notecards (I intend to use as not only a marketing tool but also fun stationery).  They did a terrific job!  On the prints – the color wasn’t exactly what I would get if I was ordering up prints from larger images.  But on the cards when the image is smaller it looks fantastic.  And the cards come with really cute little envelopes.  I was so happy that I ordered up a second project – my new business cards!  I got these adorable little squares with my Instagram images on them.   I love them!   

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