kitchen delights


It shocks me to see how long it has been since my last post!  I’m going to chalk it up to a handful of busy work weeks, being under the weather, and the oh yeah – I’m moving back to Seattle!!  One good thing that has already kicked off my 2014 is a renewed appreciation for cooking and eating amazing foods. Here’s a little mobile snap of one such exploit in my kitchen that I’ve since repeated 2-3 times…Citrus salad with rosemary, avocado, and almonds.  Pinterest.  I do not know what I did before you existed.  Xo, your faithful follower.   Stick around because in the past month, I was honored to shoot my first newborn session, I got to check out Chinese New Year in SF and spend an afternoon with a 1 year old and a mini-steam train so many more good pics are on the way.  Here’s to the Year of the Horse!  


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