day trip adventure to ocean beach


When I moved to San Francisco keeping a car seemed pointless.   Most days I don’t miss it but I will say day trips do become a bit trickier.  They’re certainly a lot closer to home!  Saturday’s trek involved a long ride up the Muni (N-Judah) all the way to its end at Ocean Beach.  My friend and I were promised partly cloudy skies and 70 degrees.  We got mostly cloudy (there needs to be a new weather term for 1 big giant cloud that isn’t fog) and very windy.  Perfect kite weather!  We ate at well-reviewed Outerlands (the burrata special alone was worth the long wait).  We had coffee at Trouble Coffee although I probably won’t return there again.  I got yelled at for taking photos (even though there are no signs saying you can’t) – ooo look, I got one anyway before I was called out.  And we visited the little cute shops in the neighborhood: Checked out adorable cards, pretty bags, and the gorgeous backyard at the General Store, picked out some great prints at the very friendly 3 Fish Studios, and oogled the super sweet nap boat that lives inside Mollusk Surf Shop.  The adventure turned north and we strolled up to the windmills at Golden Gate Park’s westernmost edge and flew our kite at the beach.  Until the next adventure…    


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