Take a Break

Fun Stuff

It’s amazing how sometimes forcing yourself to take a break and see the sky and breathe the air will just fuel you.  Hey, coffee doesn’t hurt either it’s true.  What about both?  In a really happy turn of events we’ve started little coffee breaks or lunchtime photo strolls at the office.  Today I had a super busy work day and a big meeting towards the end of the day.  As is my usual custom, I ate lunch at my desk and just tried to remain focused.  Meanwhile, my camera sat in my bag and I dreamt of getting outside.  Queue the break.  It took 15 min to stroll to a nearby coffee spot with co-workers shooting photos and video the whole way there, also while we waited (and had Amazon security asking us to put our equipment ‘away’), and of course once we got our piping hot cups of caffeine.  Needless to say, it was invigorating on multiple levels and a terrific reset before my big meeting.  Moral of this story?  Take a break.  No matter how short.  Go around the block once if that’s all you have time for, but do it.  Your brain will thank you. 


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