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Sketches with Featherscroll

I have a dear dear friend who goes by @Featherscroll on Instagram.  Early on in our friendship we made a tradition of sketching together (even if it’s stick figures which I usually do, she however is SUPER talented).  We started meeting every Wednesday morning over coffee before work and when schedules and location got more tricky we started opting for evening sketch sessions accompanied by more appropriate beverages.  Friend-sketch-apy.  That’s what I think it’s amounted to.  We can chat about what’s got us up and down, enjoy some good laughs (sometimes a few tears) and always we have our drawings to chronicle our time together.  At some point along the way I started using #sketcheswithfeatherscroll as I often Instagram a pic from our hangouts.  It’s got a nice ring to it and it makes it easy to look back at our meetups.  Our most recent sesh was a weekend treat over at Vif Wine & Coffee in Fremont.  Afterwards Stacy (aka Featherscroll) posed for a quick portrait against this cool wall I was digging.  Thank goodness for patient friends.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself when the light is right and the space is on point.   More sketch sessions ahead and I can’t wait. 

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