Richardson Family – Gasworks Park


Every once in a while you meet a little one who has such a defined personality already it’s shocking and absolutely captivating.  I first met Ashley and JJ years ago down in San Francisco when we were all recent Seattle-transplants. After lots of park time and a lot of plane trips we eventually all found ourselves back in the Pacific Northwest and I was so excited when they reached out for photos to document their family. We landed on Gasworks park in Fremont as the perfect backdrop to make some new memories. These two have made the sweetest and kindest little human imaginable. Ciaran was a bit shy at first, as many two year olds can be but by the end of our shoot together he was sharing his goldfish crackers with me, inviting me to join in on group hugs, and encouraging me to blow bubbles with them. I kid you not – this little dude is going to grow up and work for world peace. It’s just who he is. He was very keen on inclusiveness, hugs, and sharing. We could all take a page from his wonderful and bright-eyed book.


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