Honey Lavender Ice Cream

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If you live in Seattle, you probably know of Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.  They’ve been around since 2008 and I’ve spent many a summer night (and truthfully cozy winter nights too) just sitting in one of the shops enjoying a rich scoop and taking in the waffle cone smells. Every single time a friend or family member would come into town I simply have to take them.  

(bit of legal here…the link below to Molly’s cookbook on Amazon IS an affiliate link meaning I get a commission if you purchase through it – ok back to it)

Molly Moon Neitzel not only gives us tasty ice cream and a beautiful place to enjoy it in, she also put all her recipes into a seasonally organized cookbook!  Thank you, thank you Molly!  Last weekend I had an inaugural go of: 1) making ice cream 2) using my Kitchen Aid’s ice cream attachment and I started with one of the classics from the shop – Honey Lavender. To my surprise it was relatively straightforward with just 5 ingredients: cream, whole milk, honey, lavender, and sugar. Definitely required a lot of setting the timer on my microwave and iPhone (I may have also tackled a recipe I found for honey lavender popsicles at the same time) but so worth the wait and it tastes so good. The biggest challenge I had was getting it cold enough, gathering pals to partake with me and drink up a bit of rose – no problem.  


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