Halloween Playlist

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Snickers or KitKat? Butterfinger or Candy Corn? I was obsessed with candy when I was younger (pictured below as that little court jester). Now that I’m older, not much has changed if we’re being honest however, now there’s slightly more grownup tastes in music. There’s something about a moody mix around Halloween to just put you in the perfect state of mind for cider and candy and helloooo movie-watching while all those trick-or-treat muffins pop by your door. So here’s a Halloween Spotify playlist to set the mood while you get in costume and prepare the spooky punch. The mix is a little bit dark & moody and mostly sits in a minor key.  It makes you soak up the energy of those changing fall colors, crispy fallen leaves, smoky fireplaces, and the crisp air. The songs celebrate the creepy and weird and make you ponder some spellwork. It’s a mix with 80s & 90s classics and dips in and out of indie & pop then finishes with some retro rhythms and stylings. Light a candle for added effect.  Have a happy and safe Halloween all!



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