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Fun with lenses: Canon 85mm and 35mm

They’rrrreeee hhheeerrree! As I’m building out my new kit there are moments when I can’t believe how everything is coming together.  It’s simply thrilling.  I just got back from a work trip, am exhausted and still ‘off’ after a bumpy and slightly nauseating ride home but waiting for me – 2 lenses (used – thank you Adorama!) to explore with.  I ripped open the box and desperately opened everything up as I watched the daylight disappear.  I had what seemed like a 10 min window so I cranked up my ISO and went for it.  The sky and my cat proved to be closest subjects for those ever-precious first snaps!  Welcome home to my new buddies Canon’s 85mm 1.8 and the 35mm 2.0.

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